Sunday, March 15, 2009

Come walk with me

Zombies Lurching Dance
Unrelenting Hunger Born Rage
Never Ending Death Trance

Free from living plight, never ceasing fight.

Flesh Consuming Plague
Danger Hidden Man-Like Stage
Future Freedom Vague

Long forgotten hope, wonder how we cope.

Rot Heated Hatred
Blazing Sorrow’s Lost Page
Self Destructive Bid

When the food runs out, curse of Death will shout.

Society has collapsed,
A war has bread us,
Humanity has collapsed.

Dead the lesson giving, now eat the living.

Black Birds Mainly Shrill
Some Infected Deadly Phage
Sitting Breathless Still

Rain is a lost grace, mainly barren space.

Lustful Greed Killed Man
Returned By Immortal Mage
Zombies Searching Stance

Now let us roam, let us find our lost home.

Passive Acceptance
Standing With Reclaimed Twelve Gauge
Only One Shell Left


  1. This is an experiment using different cultural poetic verse. The main points are Haiku based, followed by a sudo-iambic pentameter base ten meter. The mid point is meant as a break, almost as an interuption to the flow.

    The Photo, is of a large gear that I saw rusting into the earth while on vacation in Nordeg.

    1. Never seen poetry on zombies before... Quite invigorating, mentally. I would be thrilled to read more of your work and do hope you will continue to post.

      I do hope your one shell has not been wasted.